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gina_gallo2The Gallo Signature Series is a collection of wines handcrafted by Gina Gallo, the acclaimed third-generation winemaker from one of America’s most historic winemaking families. In many ways, these wines are the culmination of Gina’s journey as a winemaker, from her days spent walking in the vineyards with her grandfather Julio, to her time in the cellar, honing her craft as an artisanal winemaker.

A Winemaker’s Journey

Gina’s journey as a winemaker began when she was just 10 years old, tending the gardens with her father and grandfather and picking fruits and vegetables that her mother and grandmother would turn into family meals. One of eight brothers and sisters, Gina has fond memories of working alongside her family. She spent her high school summers working at the Gallo family’s winery, and she joined the Gallo sales team after earning her bachelor’s degree from Notre Dame de Namur University.

It’s no surprise that Gina found her true calling as a winemaker, following in her grandfather’s footsteps. She studied winemaking at the University of California at Davis and later became an apprentice winemaker at the Gallo family’s experimental micro-winery in Modesto, CA. Under the tutelage of Julio Gallo and Marcello Monticelli, a 30-year veteran of the Gallo team, Gina flourished as a winemaker. Three years later, she completed her first full harvest in Sonoma County, working side by side with her brother, Matt. He grew the grapes and she made the wine, in a partnership that has thrived for more than two decades.

Nurturing a Personal Passion

Today, as the winemaker behind the Gallo Signature Series, Gina is intimately engaged with these special wines from the Gallo family’s premier estate vineyards in Napa, Sonoma and Monterey counties. She carves out the specific blocks on her family’s most sought-after vineyards to hand craft limited batches of wine. Gina’s personal passion is behind each bottle of Gallo Signature Series wine, which is why her signature is printed on every label.

“This endeavor has allowed me to follow a deep passion that was instilled in me by my grandfather Julio so many years ago: to craft wine with care, from start to finish,” explains Gina. “The Gallo Signature Series allows me to work with the best grapes from a handful of vineyard blocks on our incredible estate properties. I am able to stay close to the wines in the cellar, so that I can create something truly special. This is why I became a winemaker in the first place.”